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    Relative Velocity

    A swimmer is training in a river. The current flows at 1.99 metres per second and the swimmer swims upstream a distance of 153 metres before swimming back to the starting point. If the total time for the swim is 192.0 seconds, what is the swimmer's speed relative to the water? I've been stuck...
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    Need help Point Charges

    Points A,B and C are at the corners of an equilateral triangle of side 3 metres. equal positive charges of 2 micro-Coulombs are at A and B respectively. What is the potential at C??
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    Diffraction need help bad

    Diffraction......need help bad Suppose that a single slit diffraction pattern is displayed on a screen. The distance between the first minimum on the left of the screen and the first minimum on the right is 5.4mm. The screen is 0.9m from the slit and the wavlength of light is 546nm. Calculate...