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    Higgs Boson?

    I vaguely know the Higgs boson and how it possibly explains how mass doesn't dissipate. However, I need a more in-depth explanation, preferably not Wikipedia's, about it. Thank you!
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    Information's relation to Time and Mass

    The logic makes sense, but technically that is very improbable. Does it reconstruct the object at the speed of light? If it doesn't, then time would be very fragmented and not smooth. And anyways, nothing can travel faster than light-- according to Einstein, but which I do not believe. After...
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    Compton Effect

    thank you... that really helped!
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    Compton Effect

    Can somebody please explain the Compton effect to me... I don't get how Compton came up with the wavelength after scattering - the initial wavelength = h/the mass of the electron*the speed of light*(1-cosine of the scattering angle). Thank you!
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    Hi everybody,this is my first post. So sorry for the possible

    Bjorken discovered what is known as light-cone scaling, (or "Bjorken scaling") a phenomenon in the deep inelastic scattering of light on strongly interacting particles, known as hadrons (such as protons and neutrons)... think that's what you're looking for.