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    Radius of curvature of planetary motion

    Suppose we have a planet of mass m orbiting a larger one of mass M along an elliptical path. If we use polar coordinates with the origin placed on the planet of mass M (focus of the ellipse) then at the instant when the smaller planet is at the point of closest approach we have: \boldsymbol{v}...
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    Bosons's amplitude to go into the same state at low temperatures

    Hi I was reading Feynman's third book and I don't understand why, with bosons at low temperatures, 'there's more amplitude to go into the same state than into an unoccupied state by the famous factor √n, where n is the occupancy of the lowest state'. Thanks.
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    Engineering Deciding between Mechanical and Electrical engineering

    Hello, I'm majoring in physics at the end of the year but I'm more interested in engineering now. The thing is that I could start taking Mechanical engineering classes now and obtaining the degree in two years from now (without obtaining the major in physics), or I could finish the physics major...
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    Expansion of a wave fuction in energy eigenfunctions

    Hi, suppose we have an unidimensional finite square well potential and we want to expand an arbitrary wave function in terms of energy eigenfunctions but considering the possibility of bounded (discrete) AND unbounded (continue) states. How do you express the expansion?. The problem is that each...
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    Geometry book

    Hello, I am searching for a geometry book, a rigorous one. I have taken a look at Moise's and Downs's book but it looked too short, I want something more advanced but keeping the focus on elemtary issues at the same time. Thanks.