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    High voltage electric field does not stop electric motor

    I have made an attempt at understanding electric field and the effect they have on electrons by making the following test (see attached picture). What I did was take a 12 volt battery and connect a fan of a psu with it so the fan starts to turn by the flow of electricity, of course. I then...
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    Electron gun design using faraday cage like setup

    I have designed an electron gun that incorporates a faraday cage setup and I would like anyone's opinion if this setup could actually work. See attachment for image or here is a link to the image of the electron gun Explanation of image There is a...
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    Magetic lens electron beam bremsstrahlung

    I am trying to find information about the creation of bremsstrahlung due to the convergence or deflection of an electron beam using an magnetic lens. I can not find any information about the creation of bremsstrahlung when electron beams pass through magnetic lenses, I have only found...