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    Is this diagram i have made relating to david hahns experiments correct?

    hi, see my diagram here, is my "neutron gun" correct, or have i made mistakes? what will happen to the "uranium powder"? will it eternally grow more radioactive, or will it at one point transmutate? thanks for your help, alf.
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    Chernobyl Is anyone else fascinated with the chernobyl disaster?

    hi, i only discovered yesterday that there are abandoned cities around the chernobyl nuclear plant, and now im so fascinated by it lol, and i want to visit it one day, there is seriously nothing i would rather do in my life than go there, sad? maybe. ive got a few questions - how...
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    Why does ultrasound cause pain?

    hi, at this site: they have a device called a "phasor pain field generator" does it really cause pain and nausea etc? why does it cause any long term effects? why is there no scientific proof about this anywhere? :grumpy: lol jk...
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    How do i generate nitrous oxide from a electrical arc?

    hi, i have a home-made high voltage power supply which produces an arc of about 1 inch long maximum, which i assume is about 20KV, how can i generate nitrous oxide with this spark? will you give me more information about what chemicals/gases are produced from an arc, and what the...
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    What is the minimum amount of current that can be fatal at around 20KV?

    hi, i probably dont need to give you all this information, but i will anyway :) i have a flyback transformer from a TV connected to a 30V 1A power supply via a transistor from a TV (a high power line output transistor), and the signal on the base of the transistor is around 100KHZ...
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    Best speed for fuel economy.

    hi, what is the exact best speed for fuel economy? why is 5mph less economic than 75mph?
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    Radiation effect on plants.

    hi, does radiation have an effect on plants? thanks in advance, alf
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    I need a valve for the quick release of air, help please?

    hi, im not sure that this is the correct category, or even the correct forum, but im sure someone will answer my question, i am intending to build an airgun, which uses a bicycle pump to build up pressure inside a treacle tin (hahaha), and i need a valve, so that when i have compressed...
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    Lhc particles harmful to humans?

    hi, i like a practical approach to everything (as you can see very clearly in this thread, so i will ask this question: when the lhc is running and colliding particles, if you stood in it, would you see the reaction occuring?, if so...
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    Why cant rads be converted to cpm?

    hi, i have a geiger counter which measures radiation in rads, but not many people use rads anymore (it is almost obselete i think), am i correct it saying that rads are a measure of the number of particles being emitted AND the energy of the particle, but cpm is merely a measure of the...
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    Practical approach to building a breeder reactor, help please?

    hi, i am interested in nuclear physics but i dont really want to delve into the complexity of it, so could someone please give me an idea of the practical approach to making a breeder reactor, i do not intend to build one, i just would like to know how i would do it if did want to build one...