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    Currents on a three phase system

    Hi everyone, is it possible to sum at any given moment in time L1 + L2 + L3, algebrically speaking? If so, what would this value represent? Thanks
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    Three Phase system question

    Hi everyone, I'm not an electrical engeneering nor do I have a significant background in the field. Right now I'm trying to monitor current consumption from three phase systems. My question is: is it possible to obtain the current consumption of the whole system as a function of the current...
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    Signal spreading in spread spectrum technology (DSSS)

    Hi, I've been trying to understand DSSS, but I'm not an engineer and have trouble with one point. I get the fact that multiplying the user signal with the chip sequence is what spreads the signal. My question is, why is this? If the data rate is, say, 1 bps, and the chip sequence 1000 bits...
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    Intensity and frequency of radio waves

    Hi, I am not a physicists and have been trying to understand some basic concepts about electromagnetic waves in the context of telecommunications. Now, this is what I know so far: the energy of electromagnetic waves is proportional to it's frequency (E = h*f), and basically it's the energy...