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    Water Freezing in Space

    There's no thermodynamics forum, so I'll post this here. Things "freezing" in space has always bothered me ever since Tim Robbins removed his helmet while in orbit around Mars...
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    PPM Ammonia/pH

    Hi everyone, hoping for some quick help. I’m trying to get the chemistry right for an aquaponics garden I’m building. I screwed up pretty bad the first time and just swapped out almost 100% of the water (there was a residual 2-3 gallons in the bottom of the growbed). Last night added in about...
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    Earth: Resistor or Capacitor?

    I work for a company that locates underground cables and pipes. We apply an AC signal to the underground facility and to be able to detect the location. Take the simplified drawing above. Two transformers grounded with a buried electrical cable. We use a transmitter and connect it to one...