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    I QFT and Gauge Invariance

    In an earlier question I asked if the EM field was truly a separate field from the matter field in QFT, as it's field structure is naturally complementary to phase changes in the matter field in just the right way to restore gauge invariance (poorly formed question, but hopefully you get the...
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    I Relationship between EM and matter fields in QED

    It seems that QED treats the matter and EM fields as independent yet coupled fields. On the other hand the EM field equations emerge immediately under local change of the phase of the matter field, exactly as required to reestablish local (gauge) invariance. From that perspective it almost seems...
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    I Visualizing the Attached EM Field for Free Electron in QFT

    My understanding of the QFT model of a free electron is that there is a localized higher energy level in the electron matter field which couples to the EM field in two ways: (1) the coupling allows the electron matter field to 'feel' a force from an outside EM field and accelerate in response...
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    I QFT Interpretation of Electron and Attached EM Field

    This is an elementary question on visualizing the interaction of an electron with the surrounding EM field in QFT. I believe in QFT the electron is viewed as an excitation of the Electron matter field with an associated coupling constant between the electron field and EM field (say q) - q...
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    Is a Pseudo-Riemann Metric Intrinsic to General Relativity?

    In considering special relativity as a limiting case of the general theory (without matter or curvature) the question arose as to whether the pseudo-riemann nature of the SR metric is actually an independant (essentially experimentally determined) assumption/property or derivable from the...