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    Finding Tau and K from unit step response

    Homework Statement Simulate the system to look at the output response with a unit step input applied i.e. use the step command. Confirm the values of K and τau from the simulated response are the same as those you have entered into the simulation. Note that the step command can be used with...
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    Buzzing/Whining sound from speakers when connected to laptop

    Hi, when i plug my speakers into my laptop, i can hear a slight whining sound from one of the speakers. i assumed it was the speakers, however i plugged some brand new headphones in, and the same problem occurred. this leaves me to believe it is a problem with the laptop. does anyone know why it...
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    Calculate power in air compression.

    Homework Statement In an air compressor air flows steadily at a rate of 15 kg per minute. The air enters the compressor at 5 m/s with a pressure of 1 bar and a specific volume of 0.5 m3/kg. The air leaves the compressor at 7.5 m/s with a pressure of 7 bar and a specific volume of 0.15...
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    Thermodynamics: Calculating mass of air over a change in pressure/temperature

    Homework Statement A vessel of capacity 3 m3 contains air at a pressure of 1.5 bar and a temperature of 25o C. Additional air is now pumped into the system until the pressure rises to 30 bar and temperature rises to 60o C. The molar mass of air is 28.968 g/mol. Homework Equations...