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    Setting a tangent plane parallel to another plane-Cal III

    At what point on the paraboloid y=x^2+z^2 is the tangent plane parallel to the plane x+2y+3z=1 ? Tangent plane equation is... Fx(X,Y,Z,)(x-X)+Fy(X,Y,Z)(y-Y)+Fz(X,Y,Z)(z-Z)=0; for x^2+z^2-y=0 My attempt at the problem... First I found the unit normal for the plane I'm trying to...
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    Cal III S reparametrization problem

    Question: reparametrize the curve r(t)=<cos(t)-tcos(t), sin(t)-tsin(t)> : t=0 I know I need to integrate the mag from zero to t but it's not working. got down to the integral of sqrt((t^2)-2t+1) and after a u-sub and a theta sub I got the integral of sec(theta). Then got natural...