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    Ionization Energy of Lithium problem

    The energy needed to strip all three electrons from a Li(g) atom was found to be 1.96*10^4 kJ/mol. The first ionization energy of Li is 520 kJ/mol. Calculate the second ionization energy of Lithium atoms (the energy required for the process) Li+(g) ---> Li+2 + e- Equation: frequency =...
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    How does the size of He- compare to that of a neon atom?

    I understand that He- is larger than He, but I don't know which is bigger between He- and Ne.. please help??
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    Quantum Mechanics Problem: ionization potential

    The outer electron (valence electron) of an alkali atom may be treated in an approximate way, as if it were in a hydrogenic orbital. Suppose that one takes the quantum number for the valence electron to be 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, respectively, for Li, Na, K, Rb, and Cs. What values of the...
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    Quantum mechanics problem: hypothetical spin quantum number and its

    So we are doing problems involving potential energy of electrons, wave functions, and all that jazz, but I am utterly lost on how to do this problem... The professor threw it at us, and I am completely lost on how to even begin. Please help me In a different universe from ours the spin...
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    Please help! Problems on particle-in-a-box models

    The normalized wave function for a particle in a 1D box in which the potential energy is zero between x= 0 and x= L and infinite anywhere else is normalized wave function = sqrt(2/L)*sin(npix/L) What is the probability that the particle will be found between x= L/4 and x= L/2 if the...