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    Torque is defined about a point?

    Hello guys My question is simple but it really bugs me! Why we must define a torque about a POINT? In most of the textbooks i checked they define torque about an Axis. In wikipwdia though it is defined about a point. As a matter of fact it mentions: "Torque is defined about a point not...
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    PV diagrams for heat engines are legitimate ?

    PV diagrams for heat engines are "legitimate"? Hello forum Since my student days i was wondering about how is it possible to represent the cycle of the gas in a heat engine (e.g. otto cycle) in a PV or whatever diagram when it is obvious that the gas is not in equilibrium during the process...
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    Maximazation of current in LC circuit

    Hello guys This is my first post and i am glad to be a member of this forum. There is something bugging me for alot of time. I have a problem understanding why the current of an LC oscilator circuit is maximized when the capacitor is fully discharged. Of course when it is explained from the...