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    Proving the cartesian product.

    hello all, i'm trying to prove the cartesian product cardinality property of the cartesian product. on a first attempt i used this: and on a second attempt this: this is the first of many small exercises i'm doing for building a strong theoretical computer science background. i...
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    Direction of a particle in a uniform magnetic field.

    Homework Statement a beam of particles with velocity v^vector enters a region that has a uniform magnetic field B^vector in the +x direction. show that when the x component of the displacement of one of the particles is 2 * Pi * (m / qB) * vcos(theta), where theta is the angle between...
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    Conservation of mechanical energy

    Homework Statement I have two blocks attached by a string (massless) over a pulley (frictionless, massless). Block 2 (which weighs less than block one) is released and the two blocks meet momentarily at the same height. I have the find the speed at which the meet at that moment. The blocks...
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    Incline plane + friction

    Homework Statement In the figure (sorry for that quick drawing with paint) m_1 (first block) = 4.0kg, m_2 = 5.0kg and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the incline plane and the first block is \mu_k = 0.24. Incline = 30 degree with horizontal Find the magnitude of the...