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    Space travel, mass increase, and length shorteneing

    lol..... it is fine.... i think i am starting to get it.... there are two mass types... one is relativistic, moving mass, and the invarient mass is resting mass...... i think i found out the spave travel one... time slows down relative to you because your body adjusted to that speed, and that is...
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    Need some homework help

    wait.... i have this nifty little equation you can use to calculate the acceleration with the final velocity..... d=(vi)(t)+(1/2)(a)(t)^2 vi is the initial velocity, and that equals zero, so you can cut that out and use the d=(1/2)(a)(t)^2 and work the equation to equal a.... that is all...
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    Potential energy problem

    I did His force, and it came out to be 6943910.4 i figure that is one of your answers Answer A
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    Space travel, mass increase, and length shorteneing

    Alright, i have a final and i have to explain just three parts to einstein's theory of relativity...... they are space travel (time slowing nearing the speed of light), increase of mass with speed, and length contraction..... the space travel makes no sense, and the mass one, i have mixed...