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    Studying Books with a lot of problems but all with solutions

    Hi guys, I am eagerly looking for books which contain a lot of problems with complete solutions. Please tell me the name of such books/resources for the following fields. Number theory Abstract Algebra Geometry & Topology Probability I mean books like Calculus Problem Solver or Advanced...
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    Symbols used in Mathematics

    Can anyone tell me about all the symbols used in Mathematics and there use? or Can anyone tell me about the website where I can find all the symbols used in Mathematics?
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    Guidance required

    Can anyone tell me about the websites where I can find video lectures on different math subjects (especailly vector analysis and function theory ), Physics subjects and Electronic Engineering subjects and download them ?
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    Nonsense Numbers

    Thesedays I am trying to understand the role and working of complex numbers. Previously, I posted my question here but I could not get the required answer. Rightnow I am reading about a complex numbers in Toronto University's website and there I read a very confusing and irritating statment...
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    Resources for Quantum Physics

    Hallo, Thesedays I am looking for some comprehensive resources for studying Quantum Physics. Since I am not a physicist, I donot have very good understanding for Quantum Physics. I have been searching the internet for Quantum Physics but so far I could find any comprehensive material on...
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    Need for formal definition of limits

    I could not understand the need for the formal definition of limits. When we know that the limit of a function 'f' exists at a point say 'a' if the the function 'f' has both right and left hand limits exist at that point 'a' and equal. Then what is the need for the formal definition, namely...
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    Understanding formal definition of limits

    So far I could not understand the formal definition of limits. I know that limit of a function exists at a point say 'a' if left and right hand limit exist at that point. Then what is the need for the formal definition of limits? Secondly, I am very confused by the...
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    Preplexing Vector Fields

    I am learning vector analysis these days. I have some knowledge of the applications of the vector field in the field of Engineering and Astrophysics. I am also aware of the fact that vector field is a function that assigns a unique vector to each point in two or three dimensional space...
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    Confused by Complex Nos

    I am familiar with complex nos. I know about their algebric manipulations, for example. But I could not understand the notion of ´iota´. I know that complex numbers are extremely essential for solving the equation involving cube roots or higher or negative square root of a number. I am also...
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    Electron with infinite mass

    According to Einstein, any thing moves or tends to move with or nearly equaly to the velocity of light will have its mass equal to infinity. Therefore my question is that: what is the reason that electrons being matter and moving with velocity nearly equal to light doesnot have mass equal to...