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    Bowling Angular Momentum.

    Homework Statement This has 4 parts, I'm confident about 2. 1. The remaining problems involve a bowling ball with a uniformly distibuted mass of 6 kg and a radius of 0.20 m. The ball is initially thrown at a speed of 10 m/s, with a backspin of 6 rad/s (this means it has an angular velocity...
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    Angle from force applied / Momentum question

    Homework Statement Okay the first question is: 1. A hockey puck with mass 0.250 kg has initial velocity 3.00 i + 5.00 j m/s just before being hit by a hockey stick. The final velocity after the hit is -37.0 i + 25.0 j m/s. What was the magnitude of the impulse delivered by the stick to...
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    Friction (Sliding)

    Homework Statement I'm positive Part 1 is right, 2 and 3 I'm sketchy with. 1. A race car with mass 1000 kg moves at speed 40 m/s. What is the kinetic energy of the car in kiloJoules? Do not write the unit in your answer. For this I got 1/2(1000)(40^2) = 800000 convert to kilojoules =...
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    Vectors, Check my work.

    Homework Statement A particle of mass 2.0 kg has position given by the vector r = (t^4 -3t^3) i + (t^3 - 9t) j + (2t -6) k (where i, j, and k are the unit direction vectors and r is given in meters and t in seconds. At what time in seconds is the particle located at the origin? For this I get...