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    Center of mass of a two rod system

    Homework Statement Given that I have a system with a rod of diameter 1 1/2 inches with a length of 17 in and a weight of 10 1/3 oz and a rod with a diameter of 3 inches with a length of 17 in and a weight of 20 2/3 oz. The two rods are butted together at one end almost looking like a bottle...
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    Center of Mass of a system

    Given the picture in the attachment of two rods touching with them each being 17 inches long and one weighing double the weight of the other, would it make sense that the center of mass is 2/3 of the way down the picture from the thinner end? Or, am I going about this idea the wrong way?
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    Two rods

    I am currently trying to find the center of mass of two rods. One rod is 20 2/3 oz and is 17 inches long with a diameter of 3. The other rod is 10 1/3 oz and 17 inches long with a diameter of 1 1/2 The bigger rod is touching the smaller one if they were both standing up. It looks almost like a...
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    How do I find the center of mass of a cone?

    Im trying to figure out the center of mass of a cone for this research I'm doing. How do I find the center of mass of a cone?
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    Rotation about a free axis

    Let's say I have a uniform rod lying on a table in a frictionless environment. Now I throw a ball with a certain velocity at one end of the bat. How can I describe the motion of that bat. I need to make it seem like it is going in a circle. I know it will move back and rotate but I don't know...
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    Describing the circle of a uniform rod hit at one end

    I have a uniform rod laying on a table. A ball comes in and hits the rod making it move backwards but also rotating. Assuming that we are in a frictionless environment, how do describe the circle made by the rod?
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    Bat Speed vs Angular Velocity

    If I have a bat speed of 74mph, how do I figure out how much angular speed that has? I cannot find a conversion or an equation anywhere.
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    Angular Momentum and Linear Momentum

    How do you determine the angular momentum and linear momentum of a ball hitting a dowel rod lying on a table? The dowel rod is lying free on the table and the ball would hit it on the end. Is there a happy medium between angular momentum and linear momentum?