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    Hubble's Law conundrum

    Imagine this;- Two planets and a star separated by cosmological distances that share an amost linear positional relationship - the star is not in the middle and both planets have a direct eyeline to it. Both planets have intelligent life and both are observing the star's redshift. Two...
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    Resolution of electron orbitals

    Hi, I have developed a model that demonstrates the filling of atomic orbitals but need some 'constructive' criticism on its content. How do I go about that? I currently have it in a pdf format. Can anyone help?
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    I'm stuck with my 'Balls in a vacuum'

    Hey, Can anyone help me with my imaginary experiment? In a large glass tank I place air-filled balls of thin rubber (like a balloon but perfectly spherical). I fill the tank to the top with the rubber balls, seal the lid and evacuate the tank of air. The internal pressure difference...
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    Disgruntled observer

    Let’s put an observer in a 3-D frame of reference at x=0, y=0, z=0 to observe one of Einstein’s thought-experiments. You know the one - where a spaceship is equipped with a photon emitter, a mirror and another observer whose frame of reference is at rest with the spaceship. Let’s have the...
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    Thought experiment revisited

    You know the 'thought-experiment'....the spacehip travelling at a speed close to the speed of light....where a photon is emitted upwards to a mirror, bounces off and returns to its source. The space traveller (observer 1) standing by the emitter observes a simple up and down motion. A second...