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    Thermodynamics with styrofoam cooler

    Homework Statement A cubical styrofoam cooler 80cm on a side and 2.0 cm thick contains 2.0kg of ice at 0C. If it takes four hours for the ice to melt what is the outside temperature? K(st)=.02 w/m*K Homework Equations H=-KA (ΔT/ΔX) (conductive heat flow) The Attempt at a Solution Area...
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    Thermodynamic with inelastic collision

    Homework Statement [/B]A bullet traveling at 100 m/s strikes the wall inelastically. It is observed that the bullet's temperature rises by 10 Kelvin due to the collision. Find the specific heat capacity of the bullet if all of the bullet's energy goes into heat. Homework Equations ΔQ=mcΔT...
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    Rolling motion

    Homework Statement A uniform sphere rolls down a 30 degree incline θ from height h. Initially, the solid is at rest. Find the acceleration for the center of the mass of the solid. I am not sure where to start with this problem. I started with the energy formulas, but I am not sure how to find...