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    Heat transfer modeling

    Hello everyone, I was hoping to get some insight on a model I am trying to create. Quick background in case it is important, I am now working at a new internship I landed for the summer doing some modeling and what not on areas of physics I have never worked on before. It has also been a few...
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    Antenna Problem

    Hello all, I have a problem with a typical style of problem I seem to always struggle with. Just to clear this up, I am studying for my comprehensive exams later this summer. So I am going through past problems to bone up on the last two years of grad school. At which point I came across this...
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    A Preparation of Quantum States

    Hello everyone, We come to the end of another semester and its presentation time. I have chosen to discuss how to prepare different quantum mechanical systems for various applications. So my question for you guys is, are there any interesting experimental techniques I should look into. I am...
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    Index Notation help

    1. The problem is: ( a x b )⋅[( b x c ) x ( c x a )] = [a,b,c]^2 = [ a⋅( b x c )]^2 I am supposed to solve this using index notation.... and I am having some problems. 2. Homework Equations : I guess I just don't understand the finer points of index notation. Every time I think I am getting...