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    Car and truck velocity question

    Question: A car is initially 4.0km/h south of a gas station and is moving at a constant speed of 55km/h due north. A truck is initially 6.0km north of the gas station and is moving at a constant speed of 45km/h due south. How far are the vehicles from the gas station when they pass each other...
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    Programs Potential physics Major-consfused

    I am currently in high school and am decided what career to pursue. I shadowed a medical physicist for a day and found it to be quite interesting. After doing more research I discovered that usually an undergraduate degree in physics is needed to pursue further studies in med phys. I am taking...
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    Distance unknown, have acceleration time and another distance

    Homework Statement A rock is thrown up past a window. The rock requires 0.20 s to completely pass by the 1.4 m window calculate the height above the window the rock would travel. Homework Equations D=vf(t) -1/2at^2 The Attempt at a Solution I have tried using the acceleration as...
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    Acceleration and velocity question-easy-need help

    Homework Statement A car is waiting at a stoplight. Just as the light turns green and the car starts to accelerate, a truck passes at a constant velocity in the next lane. The truck passes at a velocity 25.0 m/s while the car accelerates 5.00 m/s^2 both in the same direction, Calculate the...