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    Four mechanics problems I can't solve.

    I cannot solve these for the life of me. They are from my book, chapters regarding mechanics of rigid bodies, and lagrangian mechanics.. I need help badly, I'm having much trouble. A small thin disk of radius r and mass m is attached rigidly to the face of a second thin disk of radius R and...
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    Driven Damped Harmonic Oscillator Problem

    A mass m moves along the x-axis subject to an attractive force given by \frac {17} {2} \beta^2 m x and a retarding force given by 3 \beta m \dot{x}, where x is its distance from the origin and \beta is a constant. A driving force given by m A \cos{\omega t} where A is a constant, is applied to...
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    Optics Matrix Methods

    So I've gotten through half of this very long problem involving thick lens matrices and using the calculated system matrix for image locations. I need help at part d!!!! I'm going mad with it. S = \begin{array}{cc}\frac{11}{8}&\frac{5}{2}\\\frac{3}{20}&1\end{array} So I ended up with a system...
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    Vector Scalar Product and KE questions

    Just a few questions from this set I have to do, I missed the class on these topics so I'm just a little confused with these last few problems. [Broken] Concerning sets 38-39, and 40-41, I've grasped how to scalar multiply these...