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    How much does the ball weight in water

    write the eqn for beaker and ball as a system and note that the only force acting on them is the force of tension in string(connected to ball)and Normal(the weight measured) Find tension using eqm of ball
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    Question on Momentum, Force and Impulse

    I think you should think that since an impulsive force has acted on car,we cannot use Conservation of Momentum.The final momentum is $0$. Change in momentum is same in both the cases,but 'rate of change of momentum' is different and thus,the forces are different.
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    Angles and graphs, basic question

    yes,why not. :) Angle between lines joining (x_1,y_1) \&\(x_2,y_2)=tan^{-1}\left( \frac{y_2-y_1}{x_2-x_1}\right)
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    Motion problem - Shock drop ride

    hello,I suppose you'ld not need most of the data given. We can assume g=10ms^{-2} now we know distance covered,the acceleration,the initial velocity. Just put in formulas
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    Momentum help.

    hello, such questions can be solved using Conservation Of Momentum,and Work Energy theorem(that you used) 1st derive a relation between velocities of masses(call v_1\ and\ v_2) then use the equation you are using thanks
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    Work Conceptual Questions

    hello, just check" [Broken] I suppose,it helps. Dot product of two vectors is scalar :smile:
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    Using the angle of a pendulum to measure the acceleration of a plane.

    hello, I'ld advise you to check for" [Broken] as you are in Accelerated frame of reference. Here the forces acting on the bob are tension,weight and pseudo force(if you write equation in aeroplane frame of reference).Break Tension in horizontal...