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    Finding expectation and variance

    So for example, if I have a random variable X, take it to be normally distributed. How do you find the expectation and variance of the random variable e^X in terms of μ and σ? Integrating the entire normal function with the f(x) is it?
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    Exponential Generating Functions

    I got a question here, and I am stuck at understanding the step of the solution. Any help will be appreciated. [Broken] I would like to know how to get from the second to the third step, where the summation comes in. It looks like...
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    Area bounded inside the quarter-circles.

    Its a question that I had from a friend in the past. I had tried solving it but to no avail. Have tried integration and stuff like that, but I think there is an easier way to solve this question. Question -> Square of 7cm, find the shaded area...