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    A link showing clear evolution of a human being

    RE: "That is silly nonsense! This is a science board. In the future please leave 'god" out of science discussions. Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter." Maybe, in your science library, you have a dictionary. Look up the word..Sarcasm. Besides that, your sensitivity to...
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    Apocalypse sized meteor. How big and speed?

    you have got to be kidding!?! You would not survive a meteor impact that wipes out 99% of "all" life. The aftereffects would last for 100,000 years, and thats a lot of beans. The atmosphere would change as O2 levels drop dramatically. The tsunami would likely drown you or scoop the earth your...
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    A link showing clear evolution of a human being

    just tell him to have a little faith. After all, if god can evolve, so can humans.
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    Medical Current state of glass eyes

    Let that be a lesson to all, never make a bet with your wife that you know you're going to win. Tis better to make bets you know you're going to lose, then be gracious, pay up and enjoy the benefits...