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    Vertical Kinematic Problem

    Homework Statement A stone is dropped of a cliff. A second stone is thrown down the cliff at 10 m/s at 0.5s after the first stone. When do the stones cross paths? Homework Equations Yf = vt + at^2/2 The Attempt at a Solution My logic is the set the final position Yf equal for both stones...
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    Throwing a rock up a hill

    Homework Statement I was tutoring the other day, when we came across a problem that had me stumped! A person standing on a hill that forms an angle \theta = 30^o wrt to the horizon, throws a stone at {\bf v} = 16 m/s up the hill at an angle \phi = 65^o wrt to the horizon. Find y_f...
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    Lagrangian for a free particle expansion problem

    Hello, this is probably one of those shoot yourself in the foot type questions. I am going through Landau & Lifshits CM for fun. On page 7 I do not understand this step: L' = L(v'^2) = L(v^2 + 2 \vec{v} \cdot \vec{\epsilon} + \epsilon^2) where v' = v + \epsilon . He then expands the...
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    MathJax not working in any browser on any of my computers

    Hello, I cannot seem to solve this problem! Both Google Chrome and IE do not show up latex in any forum sites such as this one, or stackexchange. Using this website, [Broken] the math shows up. It is only on forum websites it appears. I...