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  1. Puma

    I Is space compressible?

    I was asking some Big Bang related question on Reddit and someone replied "The big bang is an explosion of space itself. A shock wave requires an explosion propagating into pre-existing material. Not only was there no pre-existing material, there was no pre-existing space to hold it. This all...
  2. Puma

    Integer solutions to ax^2 + bx - cy^2 - dy = 0

    Homework Statement I am a hobbyist looking for solutions to ax^2 + bx - cy^2 - dy = 0 where all variables are integers and are non-zero. Is there a method of doing this effectively? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I can look at the numbers produced by ax^2 + bx vs cy^2 + dy and...
  3. Puma

    Best colour to make paint UV resistant

    Hi I am looking to repaint my windows. I've noticed that black paint lasts very well generally. I don't really want my windows black. Is there anyway I can reduce uv damage to the binder in the paint by adding some UV blocking colour? I've googled UV blocking pigments but it doesn't seem to come...
  4. Puma

    NASA Interest thread: Nasa warps space time

    Not kidding Astounding, is it true?
  5. Puma

    Any signs of fundamental blocks of energy?

    I would just like to ask a basic question as to whether there is any sign of there being a minimum energy block size which may hint at a fundamental particle building unit, or whether there is just a continuum of energies as far as we know so far.
  6. Puma

    Sinusoidal path of light video

    Can you explain the sort of sinusoidal path here:
  7. Puma

    Can evaporation take place in this scenario?

    This is extemely important to me! In an isolated system of a very large box half filled with water, a small soaked sponge is placed just above the surface of the water. Will the sponge eventually dry? At first I thought not. But the molecules in the vapour above the water might have a higher...
  8. Puma

    Non-linear inertia from rest seems common?

    It seems to me that there are many instances of 'initial stickiness' when you move an object. Pushing a book over a table for example might be initially hard due to adhesive forces to the table which have formed over time - a plastic coating forming some kind of seal with a varnish is the...
  9. Puma

    Are quarks really in isocoles triangle positions?

    I have not had any luck in finding out how much is known about the actual positions of quarks in protons and neutrons. I am confused by the brief snippets of information I have managed to find. First by the fact that an electron is fired at a nucleon and that its path can reveal the prescence...