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  1. Abtinnn

    Temperature and Movement

    Hey guys, I have been wondering about this for a long time, and I can't seem to reach a solid conclusion. If temperature of an object is related to the movement of its atoms, then is it true to say that a moving object have a higher temperature?
  2. Abtinnn

    Programs Physics and Neuroscience degree?

    Hello! I am currently in grade 12. I really like neuroscience and physics (more towards physics) and would like to pursue them in university. Would it be a good idea to do a physics and neuroscience double major or something? I'm thinking of really trying to combine the two, so that I do physics...
  3. Abtinnn

    A problem on the Image Space

    Homework Statement [/B] If A is an mxn matrix, show that for each invertible nxn matrix V, im(A) = im(AV) Homework Equations none The Attempt at a Solution I know that im(A) can also be written as the span of columns of A. I also know that AV = [Av1 Av2 ... Avn] so im(AV) is the span of...
  4. Abtinnn

    A rocket problem

    Assume that a satellite(mass m) is orbiting the Earth(mass M) at radius R and speed V (the orbit is circular). The satellite is in a position such that the force of gravity exerted on it by the planet is not enough to keep it in orbit. Therefore, the satellite has an engine, which always points...
  5. Abtinnn

    How to Find the Basis of an Image

    I've been reading a book on linear algebra. It talks about finding the the basis of kernel and image of a linear transformation. I understand how to find the basis of the kernel, but I don't understand how to find the basis of the image. Could someone please explain a method of doing it? Thank you!
  6. Abtinnn

    Engineering Engineering Physics

    Is engineering physics a good field? I've heard a lot that they find it hard to find jobs because engineers think of them as physicists and physicists think of them as engineers. How is the job market? What does an engineering physicist actually do?
  7. Abtinnn

    How is Research?

    I'm a high school student and I've been an intern at a university for a couple of weeks. We do research and things like that in physics and astronomy. I've realized that research is something that takes a long time and is frustrating, but at the end result is usually enjoyable? Is this true...
  8. Abtinnn

    Is it possible to integrate this?

    Let's say you have an equation like this: dy=f(x) dx2 Would it be possible to integrate both sides of the equation?
  9. Abtinnn

    How Far Will Computer Science Go?

    Many problems in modern science are being solved by computers and not humans (though technically it's the humans that give the task to the computer). If this keeps advancing, would there be anything left for us as a "job?" Sorry if my question sounds dumb but i thought it would be interesting to...
  10. Abtinnn

    Generalization of Fresnel Equations?

    Hi guys!! I was wondering if there is a generalization to the Fresnel equations. Those equations calculate the reflective and transmissive coefficients, but it depends on the polarization of the incident ray. Is there a formula that could calculate those constants for an unpolarized incident...
  11. Abtinnn

    How do X-ray Binaries Form in Black Holes?

    Just curious... I mean they don't form inside the event horizon, so how would they form outside? How does accretion do this?
  12. Abtinnn

    Inertial vs Gravitational Mass

    Hi! Could someone please explain the difference between gravitational and inertial mass? And how are they equal? Thank you!!
  13. Abtinnn

    A problem with Integration by Parts in Hartle's "Gravity"

    Hi guys! I am reading the book "Gravity" by Hartle. I came across this scary-looking integral. The author does integration by parts and I don't get how he does it. Could someone guide me please? Relevant equations: ∫u dv = uv - ∫v du
  14. Abtinnn

    Why Does Energy Exist?

    Does anyone know why energy exists?
  15. Abtinnn

    About the Rubber Sheet Analogy

    I have a question on GR. To what extent is the rubber sheet analogy correct? To be more specific, in that analogy, an object with mass M bends the 2-D space (the sheet) into a third dimension (the sheet goes downward). Does this imply that in out universe, an object with mass bends the spacetime...
  16. Abtinnn

    Left Brained Vs. Right Brained?

    SciShow just posted a new video: "Are People Really Left-Brained or Right-Brained?" What do you guys think?
  17. Abtinnn

    Applied Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences by Boas

    I study in high school, but I know a fair amount of math (differential, integral, and vector calc., differential equations, linear algebra, etc.) Would you recommend this book if I want to pursue higher levels of math such as PDE's and Tensors and so on? Does this book explain things clearly...
  18. Abtinnn

    Which area of physics will be the most popular?

    Hi! I'm just curious about this. in the next 10-20 years, which area of research in physics do you guys think would become the hottest and most popular?
  19. Abtinnn

    Engineering Physics or engineering for study?

    Hi guys!! I'm currently studying in grade 11. I am very passionate about physics and I already am ahead of some undergrad university levels. However, I am a bit indecisive about my future :-/ I love physics and I would want to do theoretical physics in a field like cosmology, quantum...