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    Stolen Los Alamos Papers

    Is security really that bad at Los Alamos, or is this just media hype? I don't know if there is anyone here who works there, or has worked there, but from the way CBS wrote this article it sounded like this type of security problem is ongoing and uncorrected. I certainly hope that isn't the...
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    Horizon of view

    Let me preface this by saying that I know very little about astronomy, but this is a question that has been bugging me for quite a while. I've tried looking it up online and in books, but I can't find it directly addressed anwhere. My question is that if the universe began with a single...
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    Measurments of Pi

    Does anyone know the measurments of a perfect circle? I've been trying to calculate Pi on my own, but I can't find a reliable set of measurments to use. Everything I've found so far has been close, but starts to deviate from the real Pi around the tenth decimal place.
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    Abstract and Reality

    Taking a different spin on an old question I ask, is there color if no person is around to see the light? What I mean is that concepts we humans use are often taken for granted. A table is a table, no matter if it is used or not. However, the idea of a table is separate from the materiel...
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    Scrolling menu-vanished?

    What happened to the scrolling menu at the bottom of the screen below the posts? I used to use it all the time to navigate the site, and now I fell as if a limb as been brutally removed.
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    Medical Nature of subconscious

    I do not know if this is a redundant topic, but I was wondering if our subconscious was our memories. People often talk about repitition driving an idea into their mind, i.e. their subconscious. Repitition is also how we learn, how we remember. Our subconscious minds basicly go over what we did...
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    Moral relativity

    If morals are relitive to their circumstances, how can we ever define what it ethical and nonethical? If they are relitive then it would seem that there is no one solid moral fact and the entire idea of morals is useless. one the other hand, how can there be absolute facts about something that...