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    Schools Reputation of the Northwestern University physics department

    Hey, sorry to start another thread on undergrad schools, but I was wondering if someone could give me a general idea on the reputation of the Northwestern University physics department. The school as a whole is generally well thought of as far as I can tell, but I don't ever hear much about...
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    E=mc^2 and it's derivation

    I'm just a highschool student and thus not particularly knowledgeble about special relativity. However, I've always wanted to find a derivation of the famous equation E=MC^2. I could never find one in textbooks or on the web that didnt rely on oversimplifications or unexplained steps, so I tried...
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    Schools College Visit- What to look for?

    Well, I'm heading this weekend over to K-State for a college visit. Obviously, it's the safety school (I live in Kansas) and I hope to go somewhere better like Chicago or UW-Madison, or Caltech if I am accepted, but there's a good chance that money issues will keep me in state. I'm going to...
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    About loans

    First of all, I would like to thank all of you who post on these forums. I've been reading it thoroughly ever since my first post here, and have found a wealth of information. It has helped me a lot. Especially ZapperZ's wonderful "So you want to be a physicist" guide. My question is...
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    Schools Advice on colleges

    I am a senior in highschool who (surprise) loves physics, and plans on majoring and eventually getting a PhD in it (hopefully). I am currently looking at my college prospects and have a couple of questions. My situation comes down to this- I'm pretty sure I can get into numerous fairly good...