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    Transcendental equations

    Hi I wanted to find out what transcendental equations actually are. Can the computer solve such equations? Thanks, Sunayana.
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    Women earning more money than men

    Do you think women earning more than their husbands/partners puts strain in a relationship? How does one handle it? Sunayana
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    Teaching physics

    Hi everyone, I have to take a physics class for eigth graders in a couple of days. I have done this a couple of times before but I always find that they hesitate a lot when it comes to answering questions and thinking on their own. Any suggestions from anybody with/without teaching experience...
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    Kater's Pendulum

    What exactly is the Kater's Pendulum? How is it different from a simple pendulum and what are the advantages of using it to determine g? Thanks, Sunayana.
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    My first day in college in a few days

    Well..its my first day in college in a few days. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't EXTREMELY nervous about it. :uhh: Does anyone have any funny/scary experiences on their first day of college to share? -Sunayana
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    Talent Search

    Hi This isn't really homework...but I was wondering if there is anyone out there who is participating in the International Talent Search organised for the World Year of Physics. I'm from India and people here seem to be clueless about the competition. I don't know anybody else who is...
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    Decrease in the number of physics students

    One of the issuses adresed by the organising committee for the World year of Physics is the decrease in the number of physics students worldwide. (see [PLAIN][/URL]) In my country India, a few people with post graduate degrees in Physics complete their Ph.D 's and...
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    Project on the Lorentz Fitzgerald contraction

    Hello I am doing a project on the Lorentz Fitzgerald contraction and would like to know if the original research papers are available on the internet. Thanks!