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    Schools Time off before grad school

    I'm in the middle of the stressful process of preparing for the GRE and preparing grad school applications. However, as it stands, I will have been an undergrad for 6 years after next spring when I graduate. I did an REU last summer, which was an amazing experience, but a ton of work. And I took...
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    Other Should I Become a Mathematician?

    I disagree, it's not that modern mathematics has diverged from physics. It's just that there are now more fields that are interesting mathematics. PDE's are still heavily physics driven. Even other disciplines that's were thought to be strictly pure mathematics are having application is quantum...
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    Admissions Applying for an REU - "Mathematical Background"

    I'm working on my applications for summer REUs (math). I've got my recommendations, my CV, a couple of cover letters, various personal statements, but there is one personal statement giving problems. It asks me to write about a page detailing, among other things, my "mathematical background."...
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    Enrolling into a course that requires Calculus 1, but I'm currently taking precalc

    Unless your school does enrollment via paper and not on the computer, then you likely won't even get to click the "finish" button since you don't have the the pre-requisites. You would likely need to fill out an over-ride form of some sort and submit it to the physics department. That being...
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    Professors outright said they'd make it easy on us

    I'm not sure about other schools, but for me, I have only used anything from the Calculus sequence in one upper level class, called Complex Variable for application, which is basically an undergraduate version of Complex Analysis. Even in the class I took called Advanced Calculus 1, which by my...
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    Schools Math Grad School after long break

    Thank you both, I'll keep all this in mind through out this next year, and try and figure something out. Its not unlikely that I'll end up changing my mind and not teaching. As good as it sounds to me right now, I'm still not sure if its my best option. On another note, I'm sure its different...
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    Schools Math Grad School after long break

    No, I totally understand, you've really just confirmed what I had been thinking. Is there anything out there that would allow me to sort of stay involved and on top of things? Like something further than independent reading and learning, something that could possibly go on an application.
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    Schools Math Grad School after long break

    Next Spring I'll be graduating at the University of Arkansas with a Double major in Math(B.S.) and Physics(B.A.). As of right now the plan is to teach high school math and/or physics in Texas. However, that isn't necessarily my ultimate goal. I would like to go to grad school and get at least a...
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    Calculus III Review

    I'm sure this question has been asked, but I'm unable to find where, but I was recently accepted to the University of Arkansas, majoring in Math and minoring in physics. I've taken Cal I-III already, but my course work is very sporadic, as I've changed majors once, and essentially taken two...
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    DeVry is literally my only option

    I just got accepted to the University of Arkansas as a CC transfer student with a 2.6 gpa, but I had a 4.0 in high school but was only 75th in my class(we ranked on a 100 point scale). Point being, though I had a 4.0 in high school, taking most of the advanced class, and about 30hours of dual...
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    Advice for self-studying physics?

    A mixture of both would probably be ideal.
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    Is cramming better?

    Depends on the material imo. If you're cramming for a history exam, sure, just pure information. Cramming for a calculus exam I wouldnt think would work as well.
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    Advice for self-studying physics?

    I would recommend studying for like 2 hours at a time and taking an hour or so break, lay down, rest your eyes, listen to some music, and just mull over everything you just went over. Then come back to it and review it a bit. Personally, I feel that when I re-read something after taking my...
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    Schools Does one need Physics with calc or can one just take college physics

    What is your math background now? I'm not sure you can even take calculus based physics yet. Any physics based calculus course I've seen has Cal 1 as a corequisite. Also, if you have taken any physics in high school, you excel in math-based classes, or consider yourself a "fast-learner," I would...
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    Switching from Mathematics to Physics

    My current field of study is Mathematics, but for the past month or so I've been absolutely obsessed with physics articles, even know they are mostly way over my head. I just found them fascinating. This recent obsession has made me entertain the thought of changing my major. The problem is that...