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    C/++/# Typically where are preconditions checked for methods?

    There is a differentiation between a business rule and the stability of data presented to the business rule. Please clarify your situation that is causing difficulty in checking input variables in the method. I have not run into that. My variables are either database defined or ones that I...
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    C/++/# Typically where are preconditions checked for methods?

    There are many approaches to handling requirements with methods. In general a method performs a business rule or requirement. Some people like to test the variables before passing them into the method others will do the validation in method. These decisions are (should) be decided during the...
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    PHP What programming language is used to store Bank Acct's/money?

    In languages such as C#, the programmer can take advantage of object abstraction. A persons bank information is stored in a RDMS database which is a relational layer for account processing and data security security layer. The choice of the programming language is then independent of the...
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    How to get Output from this Program into Excel?

    Excel allows the csv file to be imported as text through the wizard. In the wizard there are choices for how the data is delimitated. Select comma delimited and answer the questions as you click next within the wizard. Hope that helps
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    C/++/# I Learned C, Now What?

    I hope someone is not REALLY writing code this way. Making code unnecessarily complicated leads to system reliability problems. The concepts of abstraction is very powerful when one looks at a class as a specification or blueprint. Contractually abstract methods in a base class require the...
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    C/++/# I Learned C, Now What?

    I used Assembly language and C for developing firmware for Intel Micro Controllers years ago when I was designing controller boards. C# is not a bad language. It has direct file access capabilities but I still prefer C for certain tasks
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    How are SQL tables made?

    I think a design plan would help here. Where do you see your needs now and in the future? How are you planning to access the data (now and in the future)? Does your environment require a secure environment? If you are doing a small scale project you might consider a used database server with...
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    Python How to reset counter to 0 inside loop

    Is your array input made up of groups of 4 bits? If so could you grab the bits out of the array as a nibble which are short int's and do direct comparison of nibbles (BCD numbers) to determine which number contains the most number of 1's in a sequence
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    Python Switching the links in a linked list

    Also make sure to test the link pointers for null so that the node is valid. Usually the "next" pointer is null to indicate there are no further nodes
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    Python Switching the links in a linked list

    Implement as a doubly linked list. In that data structure any given node knows who's it is attached to. Be very careful with the pointer manipulation or orphaned nodes (and thus memory leaks) will occur