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    Physics career and guy with long hair?

    Yeah, that is a silly question. Of course not!
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    Ethics and Career Decisions

    I once walked out on a good internship because the engineering department treated the manual workers like absolute garbage, and talked about them like they were farm animals. The day my boss used the words "union slaves", I was out of there.
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    Job Opportunities in IT

    Yes, I know a lot of people who have IT degrees, many without any other credentials, and they seem to have no trouble finding jobs.
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    What were you most afraid of throughout the development of your academic careers?

    My biggest fear was not getting a top-tier job after graduation, and having all my extra hard work and community involvement go for naught. I actually had a very painful job search, but ended up with a fantastic job I am very happy with.
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    Timing issues between two job options

    I have third (and final) round of interviews scheduled for next week with Qualcomm. The Qualcomm job is full-time, and in Colorado. In short, it's my dream job. Medtronic has been calling me and asking if I am interested in a job opportunity there, a contractor position which is less...
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    Tell us about a time you solved a problem

    What sort of answers do employers look for? How large of a scope? Do they want to know about the time I orchestrated a re-structuring of my IEEE branch and tripled membership, or do they want to know about the time I put a PNP in backwards and my op-amp didn't work? How long should I take...
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    Engineering Technical Questions for an embedded software engineer at qualcomm?

    Hello all. I have a technical interview coming up for a job at qualcomm as an embedded software engineer. Could you PLEASE ask me some questions to help me study? It is an entry level position for a recent grad. Job is posted...
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    So you've applied online for your dream job. Do you call them?

    Do you follow the old tradition of calling 3-7 days later to check on the status of your application? Assume it's a larger corporation with an applicant tracking system.
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    Unrealistic employee candidate requirements?

    Reading this thread has helped me as well. There have been many jobs I have not applied for because of crazy requirements. I guess I should start doing that. Coincidentally, I had a very good second interview yesterday for a position where on paper, I literally met about 10% of the...
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    Engineering Is engineering boring?

    The people who say it's boring are always the ones who choose not to do anything. You can join IEEE/ASME, work on extracurricular projects, write research papers, etc. There are tons of options to keep you entertained.
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    Job Skills You've had one phone interview, then HR calls

    I care. It hurts! I understand what you are saying, that my happiness shouldn't depend at all on the fairness of a situation and the salaries of others. But the truth is I am human and it's just not the case. I worked really hard and want to make more money than others who didn't!
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    Job Skills You've had one phone interview, then HR calls

    The truth is I really don't want to do failure analysis. But I am having a ton of trouble finding jobs. It doesn't help that my friends who got IT degrees and 3.0 GPA's because they flunked out of engineering are getting $70K jobs right off the bat.
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    Job Skills You've had one phone interview, then HR calls

    OP here. I thought I should check in on my thread. I actually started this thread because this happened to me. Here's the story: I had a phone interview with LSI last thursday for a failure analysis position, entry level. I honestly think I am underqualified, at least on paper. But we had...
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    Job Skills You've had one phone interview, then HR calls

    You've had one phone interview for a job 1000 miles away, then HR calls, and says: What do you say? Do you give a number? Do you ask them for a number? What if they don't give you one?
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    Please help me by asking technical questions!

    Hello all. I may or may not have a job interview coming up for an entry-level position. The company's website says the following: I just recently graduated and it's been about a year since I had any really technical classes. I did take a CMOS digital design course and all the normal EE...
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    Volunteer Work

    One piece of advice I would have for you is that often times, employers like to see volunteer work in part because it provides your character with some diversity and different perspectives of the world. In turn, making you more personable with people in other departments, etc. I think it...
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    Please help me in starting my job search as an EE undergrad graduating soon.

    Hi everyone. I'm in my last semester of my BSEE degree. I want to get a decent job when I graduate in May. On paper I have a lot of things going for me, but my head is a total mess right now when I start thinking about it. I'm really scared I won't find anything, or if I do, something I...
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    Dropping out of college to pursue career

    You came onto a physics forum to tell us you abandoned physics to persue film directing? I don't want to rain on your parade but there are tons and tons of people that want to be in the entertainment business but aren't getting in. Lots of them are highly confident people.
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    Physics Jobs for physics graduates

    I have a very important, and possibly very stupid question: What exactly does a physicist do? Besides more school than almost anyone else, say John is to get a doctorate in physics. What would he do after that?...what jobs? what Kind of money would he make?
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    Need some help to do a career survey

    Hi, I also answered the same question in another forum. Continue this there.