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  1. ExtravagantDreams

    5th grade brain teaser

    Man I hate those
  2. ExtravagantDreams

    Two fat guys

    Wouldn't "their pizzas" imply their own, the one that 'belongs' to them?
  3. ExtravagantDreams

    5th grade brain teaser

    I'd say a 5th grader was trying to get his hw question answered. Hmm, smart enough to trick you but not smart enough to do the problem. Ohh, and it is only 12 minutes.
  4. ExtravagantDreams

    Hydrogen Room

    would the match even light if there was no oxygen in the room?
  5. ExtravagantDreams

    What will you be studying this semester?

    That sounds like a pretty tough work load. I love the title of my book, "Basic Complex Analysis."
  6. ExtravagantDreams

    Your password is 12657 days old, and has therefore expired.

    I don't have a Ph.D in Mathematics or anything, but my parents were only 10 years old back then. :rolleyes: Not that I'm worried, just curious if that was a normal message.
  7. ExtravagantDreams

    How old are they?

    not to mention that a 90 year old man probably wouldnt have kids that younge. Great problem though
  8. ExtravagantDreams

    Teasing your brain

    1/5 is just wrong
  9. ExtravagantDreams

    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    Obvious, the greys can build space ships that actually hold together. Where on earth did these grey come from anyway?