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    Need Equation

    thats not close to what i am getting ... by your equation , it comes out to .44376 " ... i started winding with a width of 0.6" , and due to the tightness of my winding , it bulged out to 0.7 " tward the outer windings.. My wire diameter is 0.043 " , pretty thick wire.. and the reason i need...
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    Need Equation

    i am looking for an equation (integral) , so that i can predict what width to make a coil of wire , of certain length ,and thickness, so that it comes out to an outer diameter of 1.5" with an inner diameter of .5".. i usually spend my time in the engineering section , but i thought that i would...
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    Question arrising from integration homework (advanced integration i guess?)

    wouldent that be the integral from -infinity to infinity of 1/Y dx.. since you are revolving around the x axis...