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    Programs I want to get a degree in Physics, but I'm scared I fooled around too much

    If any one wants to have a success in life...just read those comments! I have printed them and put them infront of my desk. hhegab
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    Testing GRE Physics test prep tips

    best thing is to re-read the courses you had studied before in ur undergrad. and try to solve the 3 exams released from ETS. you can share me ur opinions. as for links, is a nice link hhegab
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    Testing GRE Physics test prep tips

    I am currently preparing to take the test, I use Halliday and Resnick and also Serway for preparation. I have some schaums books to to review things from it. I am to take it next nov. hhegab PS. Pple here who have gone through this experience should help us in this please