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    Community SciFi writing project proposal

    Since there has been little activity on this part of the forum the past week I have a few questions to pose to those who visit First a definition. A Community Writing project, is what it sounds like. Its a Story written by the community. normally the setting is based on the board it is posted...
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    Eden Cronicles, Time to wake up

    Ok, this is the first "Chapter" of what I writing. This is also going to be my first time Writing any sort of story for the public, since the forth grade and to be honest I don't even know how long the "Novel" will end up being. I am dyslexic thou I do not consider it an excuse for poor...
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    Faster Than Light Travel, Theories.

    Any one who has been following my other Thread (Simulated Gravity) knows that I've trying to write a Hard(ish) Science Fiction novel. I'm looking for help in firming up my "FTL Drives" and trying to use current Real world knowledge Currently there is two ways to "cheat" the speed of light...
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    Simulated Gravity, Am I calculating it properly

    I am trying to write a hard Science Fiction Novel. Its been more then a few years since I took Physics in High school, but a Little research led me to a equation to determine how much simulated gravity some one might feel on a rotating station. Ac=V2/r The Station in question is O'Neill...