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    What does the electric field of a spherical wave look like?

    What does the electric field of a "spherical wave" look like? You often hear about spherical light waves. For example, something like a light bulb is said to emit waves which are more or less spherical. Lets assume this light bulb is perfectrly round and emits in all directions (as opposed to a...
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    Does a UNIFORMLY accelerating charge radiate? What about radiation reaction force?

    It is often stated that ANY accelerating charge radiates, so this includes uniformly accelerating charges. But the radiation reaction force is proportional to the THIRD derivative of x, so it vanishes when acceleration is constant. What's the deal here? Here's a graph which supposedly shows...
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    Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel - OH REALLY?

    Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel - OH REALLY??? Ok, you've probably seen this, the squirrel which, supposedly, water skis. But to me, it looks like the damn thing is simply riding in a boat (made to look like a pair of water skis) which is being pulled by another boat. I find it annoying that...
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    Biological legs vs Cheetah prosthetic legs - wich is better for running?

    Biological legs vs Cheetah prosthetic legs - which is better for running? EDIT: I misspelled "which" in the subject line, how embarrassing. You may have heard of Oscar Pistorius, a double below-knee amputee from South Africa who recently won the silver medal in the 400m at the South African...
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    I'm wondering, how many people would have a problem dating someone like this?

    This is basically just a survey, I'm not trying to make fun of anyone here. I've done these surveys on some other forums, and I'm wondering whether the results will be about the same here. If this is considered an innappropriate question here, please forgive me...