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    CMB Peak Fregenucy (Planck's law vs. Wein's law)

    wikipedia says: "The CMBR has a thermal black body spectrum at a temperature of 2.725 K, which peaks at the microwave range frequency of 160.2 GHz, corresponding to a 1.873 mm wavelength. This holds if measured per unit frequency, as in Planck's law. If measured instead per...
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    Is string theory just a new math?

    I have read in a couple different places that the math that comes out of string theory has helped a couple of different other branches of physics like quantum computing and condensed matter physics. Quote from: "Maybe string theory is...
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    Math for Condensed Matter or Materials Science Theory

    I am a Physics major/ Math minor and would like to know what sort of undergrad upper-level math classes would be the most useful for Condensed Matter or Materials Science Theory?
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    Conservation of energy

    1) \frac{1}{2}mv^{2}_{2}-mgy_{2} = \frac{1}{2}mv^{2}_{1}-mgy_{1} 2) \frac{1}{2}m(v^{2}_{2}-2gy_{2}) = \frac{1}{2}m(v^{2}_{1}-2gy_{1}) since g = \frac{GM}{R^{2}} and \frac{1}{2}m cancels. 3) v^{2}_{2}-2\frac{GM}{R^{2}}y_{2} = v^{2}_{1}-2\frac{GM}{R^{2}}y_{1} 4) v^{2}_{2}-v^{2}_{1} =...
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    Infinite set of points on a line.

    If a line segment of size L, is made up of an infinite amount of points. Then divided into half, and then half again, divided into half to infinity, would this mean that the resulting line segment is a point made up of an infinite amount of points? Or would it be ∞/∞?
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    Cold Fusion REU

    Does anyone happen to know any undergrad research programs in the U.S. that deal with cold fusion and related experiments?
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    Info for Dark Flow paper

    I am writing a paper for my New Frontiers of Astronomy class on dark flow. Does anybody no any links to a great deal of info on dark flow. Ive printed up the actually science paper on it. Any links relating to the causes of it or disproving it by other physicists will help.
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    Prereq for Differential Geometry

    I am an Astrophysics undergrad, and will be taking Classical Differential Geometry I & II. Are there any classes that will make understanding Differential Geometry easier. I can chose from: -Introduction To Abstract Algebra -Introduction To Mathematical Analysis -Introduction To Real...