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    BS in physics to MS in Material Engineering

    I am currently at the end of my junior year at UNC Chapel Hill, with a major of BS Physics and minor in math. Towards the start of this semester I realised I just didn't have the interest in any field of physics to justify another 5+ years of school (also burnout has become a major problem). I...
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    Accepted at both: UNC Chapel Hill & UNC Wilmington

    You will not feel like just another fish if you choose physics at UNC (I'm a student here). The department is extremely small when compared to other departments here (think chemistry). Your largest major classes will be the intro physics classes that chem, math, comp sci, etc are required to...
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    UNC-Chapel Hill vs. NC State

    The math classes here at UNC is somewhat of a joke when compared to the physics classes. The physics classes here that are taught by not so good professors still force you to learn material. The math classes lack focus and direction. For instance, my calculus 3 class focused more on the...
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    UNC-Chapel Hill vs. NC State

    Hi, I am currently a junior physics major at UNC, so I have had my fair share of math classes here. If you choose (or have chosen, only got a week or so left if I remember admissions correctly) UNC, the professors you have for your individual classes will make a huge difference on what is...