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    Looking for software to help me make electromagnets

    This is home project that I have wanted to do for years. I know I will have to build a lot of them to get what I need. I am hoping to find some software that will help me. I have looked and I can not find any electromagnets that will work. I will have to have odd shaped cores and they will need...
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    Copper fins coil with out pipe

    I am looking for copper fins the same as would be on a heating pipe. the fins need to be like a coil or slinky. If you have ever used or know who makes them please let me know. I am working on an invention and this is one of the parts i need. 2 to 3" OD and 3/4 to 1" ID
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    High heat high inpact insulator infomation wanted

    I would like to find an insulator that can work in high heat and take a beating. A strong metal would be nice. It will be taking a beating and it will have to hold the copper in it form or the copper will flattened out
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    Force to move mass in space

    If I have a drive that works in space without the need of any out side contact. In other words there is no equal and opposite force. How many pounds of force would I need to move a 40 billion ton rock to a speed of one mile an hour? If there is a program to work it out that would be great as...