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    Help with triple integration problem

    hey! i need some help with a triple integration problem using spherical coordinates. it's the volume of a small part of a sphere. rho from 5 to 6, phi from pi/6 to pi/4 and theta from pi/4 to pi/3. i got an answer of (-91/72) x pi x (sqrt(2)-sqrt(3)) i right? Thanks!
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    Building Your Own Computer

    Greetings, its the noob again:) Recently I had a discussion with a friend of mine who claimed that he knew how to set up his own computer (putting the parts together, not making the parts themselves). When I asked him if he's ever done it, he said no, but he said that he knows what most of...
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    Battery Questions

    Hello everyone:) I have questions regarding the "memory effect" and voltage depression. 1.) Could someone explain to me in layman's terms exactly what they are? I don't quite understand the explanation on 2.) Additionally, my friend told me that when you turn your mp3...
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    Electromagnetic radiation

    Hi everyone:) I recently began doing some independent studies on electrical engineering, and came across the topic of radios. There was one thing that puzzled me, however. I thought I had a basic understanding of electromagnetic radiation. I had understood that it was a wave that propagated...
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    Basic Power Distribution Questions

    Greetings :) Recently I have discovered how fascinating electrical engineering is, and so I have been doing some studies on my own time before entering college. I have several questions regarding electrical power distribution systems. 1.) What exactly is the purpose of the neutral wire...
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    Gun Recoil Problem, Help Please

    If one were to increase the size of his gun and the bullet in PROPORTION...for example, 5 times the mass of the gun and 5 times the mass of the bullet...would the recoil experienced by the shooter be the same as the recoil experienced by the same shooter where the masses were not...