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    Using Matlab to do basic convultions

    y=conv(x,t); is convolving x against t. You need to convolve x with h, which would be y=conv(x,h); Plot is just plotting the points in Y and connecting them with a line. Since you don't tell matlab what x is, it just plots the values against the array index.... so the first point is 1, the...
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    CDF of a function of 2 random variables

    Homework Statement Two toys are started at the same time each with a different battery. The first battery has a lifetime that is exponentially distributed with mean 100 min; the second battery has a lifetime that is Rayleigh-distributed with a mean 100 minutes. a) Find the CDF to the time...
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    Schools Michigan Schools

    haha, it is really good and it's only really cold 6 months out of the year, but they make the most out of it. Just look up winter's legendary I should also mention that I'm a grad student at MTU, so my opinion is a little biased.
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    Schools Michigan Schools

    Take a look into Michigan Tech too.
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    Giving math a shot (again).

    i would disagree with that. Doing problems until you puke teaches you how to do those problems but doesn't do much to teach you the math. When you do a set of problems, you need to be able to look back over it and ask yourself, "Do I really know why I just did that". One technique that helps...
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    Schools Non-ivy league schools for math, physics?

    No, as in the big 10 conference the only one on the list that I can think of that wouldn't be great is Indiana University. They have great humanities and a medical program, but aren't known for their physics and math.....and I'm a Purdue grad so...
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    Schools Help with selecting graduate schools

    my three big tips for finding a grad school: 1. Google the crap out of it. You'd be surprised what you can find simply by searching for "quantum information grad school". If you are searching for a list...good luck. 2. Do a literature search. Look back at the papers you have cited for...
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    Explaining Voltage/Current/Resistance to non-physicists

    I'm a TA for a sophmore level E&M lab course that is taught independent of the lecture. So most of my students are seeing these concepts for the first time in the lab setting (learning through discovery). Many of them are having problems visualizing the concepts of the voltage, current and...
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    Schools I need a topic for my Independent Research High school senior

    what about generalizations. Are you a laser geek? Would you rather work on an earth-science type problem or an astrophysics type problem? See where I'm going with this? Have you looked at what people have done in years past? You still might contact the universities or talk with your HS...
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    Courses What math courses to take

    take as much diff eq and PDE as you can stomach, then take some more. Along these lines, I would also suggest taking linear and non-linear dynamical systems. I was amazed how much insight I gained from a single course in non-linear dynamics. Really helped me visualize what is going on behind...
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    What is your thought process as you do proofs?

    i like to use a dry erase board. This lets me draw and erase at will...more of a "stream of consciousness" approach. If you think of it, write it down. If it doesn't work, erase it. Make notes, draw graphs, draw pictures, etc. It's amazing how much the action of writing it down stimulates...
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    Schools I need a topic for my Independent Research High school senior

    that's sort of a vague question. What are your interests and what sort of facilities do you have access to?
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    Tensors index notation

    Homework Statement Prove the following relationship: \epsilonpqi\epsilonpqj = 2\deltaij Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution All I have so far is the decomposition using the epsilon-delta \epsilonpqi\epsilonpqj = \epsilonqip\epsilonpqj \epsilonqip\epsilonpqj =...
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    Proof that e-field lines don't cross

    I understand that electric field lines do not cross and a simple explanation is that it violates existence-uniqueness. I'm thinking there is a more complete explanation out there though. I think the answer lies in the realm of dynamical systems and non-linear dynamics, but it's been a whlie...
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    NetCDF plotting tools

    I've been having a hard time finding an appropriate forum for this question let alone put it in the proper feel free to move it if need be. I am writing a script that polls a specified device on a fixed interval using SNMP and archives the results. The goal is to be able to debug...
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    Variable diameter bicycle wheel

    Thanks, that did help a lot. Now I just need to get it into discrete form so I can code it. To make the calculation easier, I broke down the process. Tell me if this makes sense. For anyone not familiar with iterative methods, I just start with initial conditions, calculate any changes...
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    Variable diameter bicycle wheel

    I'm attempting to write a simple model to describe the angular velocity profile (aka angular acceleration) of a bicycle wheel for different torque vs time profiles. Where this gets complex is that it's not a normal bicycle wheel. It is a normal wheel with weights on the spokes connected to...
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    Argument with a co-worker about gravitation

    well the argument got to the point of standing on the moon and dropping a feather and the earth and seeing which one would impact first. So we did encounter pretty large disparities of masses. and yes we are ignoring all outside forces. So it's just the gravitational forces between the...
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    Argument with a co-worker about gravitation

    I'm having an argument with a co-worker about gravitation and need some "enlightened" advice. The argument is whether or not two objects dropped at the same time would impact the surface at EXACTLY the same time or not. I already presented the proof that when combining the law of...