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    MATLAB: Iterative solution using central divided difference method (8x8 Matrices)

    1. The problem statement I'd like to use Matlab to help me model and solve a simple 2D steady state heat conduction problem: A square section duct is buried in the earth some distance below the surface. This duct is at a steady temperature of 60 degrees C. I need to use the central divided...
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    Simple Heat Exchanger Problem (parallel and counterflow)

    Homework Statement Exhaust gasses flowing through a tubular heat exchanger at a rate of 0.3kg/s are cooled from 400C to 120C by water initially at 10C. Specific heat capacities of the exhaust gasses and water may be taken as 1.13 and 4.19 kJ/kg K respectively, and overall heat transfer...
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    Simple Heat Transfer (convection and radiation, cylinder/pipe)

    Homework Statement Reasonably simple (I hope!) heat transfer problem: Smooth cylinder of diameter (D) 0.8m and length (L) 1.2m has a surface temperature (Tsurf) of 240C (513K). Ambient air temp (Tamb) is 30C (303K). Emissivity of cylinder (E) is 0.85. Heat transfer coefficient of convection...