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    Unique numbers and Infinity

    Please forgive any ignorance on my part because this is a little new to me.... I was just thinking that if we examine All of the numbers from .1 <= x < 1 that we see all possible sequences of numbers. when we change powers of 10 all we do is make that sequence of numbers more precise i.e. 12.3...
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    Coils and Magnets

    How do I figure out how much electricity would be generated by dropping a magnet down a coil of wire? What are the specific variables that would determine this? Is the number of coils more importants than the thickness of the wire and If it does generate electricity whats the best way to store...
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    Magnets and Electricity

    ok, I'm on my cell so forgive the spelling :) This question will be in stages so no one posts all the answers at once and nobody else gets to have fun.... First Thing: lets explain How electricity is generated when sliding it through coils of wire. The equations would be very nice also, if...
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    Hubble and doppler

    I am trying to understand how the doppler effect was used when determining that the other stars were moving away from us. I get that the spectral lines observed are shifted and by examining that data we can calculate how fast its moving and if it is towards or away from us. could anyone...