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    Ac analysis with dependent source

    Homework Statement Determine I1 independent AC voltage source 10 cos 10^5t inductor 60mH capacitor 5nF dependent voltage controlled voltage source 3Vx Homework Equations KVL & KCL The Attempt at a Solution \begin{array}{l} - 7.071 + 6000I_1 - j6000I_3 = 0 \\...
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    Force between to charged plates

    Homework Statement Two thin flat plates measure 1m by 1m and are separated by 0.005m. They are oppositely charged with one plate being +15*10^-6 C and the other -15*10^-6 C. Estimate the total forces exerted by one plate on the other Homework Equations F=kq1q2/r^2 \int {\vec E...
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    Charge enclosed Guassian surface

    Homework Statement Question states "Total electric flux from a cubical box 0.28m on a side is 1.84x10^3 Nm^2/C. What is the charge enclosed by the box Homework Equations Gauss's Law \begin{array}{l} \phi _E = \vec E \bullet \vec A \\ \oint {\vec E \bullet d\vec A = \frac{{Q_{enclosed}...
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    Cartesian equation of plane that i perpendicular to plane and contains line

    Homework Statement Question states "The plane that contains the line r=<-2,4,3>+t<3,2-1> and is perpendicular to the plane r=<5,0,0>+s<2,1,0>+t<-1,0,1> is:" Answer is y+2z=10 Homework Equations Cross product and dot product of vectors The Attempt at a Solution I found a...
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    Vectors, line contained within plane

    Homework Statement It seems to be obvious. But would like to check that for a line to be contained in a plane it needs to be parallel. Correct? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
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    Find Cartesian equation of plane containging line with parametric equations and point

    Homework Statement Question is "The Cartesian equation of the plane containing the line x=3t , y =1+t , z=2-t and passing through the point (-1,2,1) is?" Homework Equations \begin{array}{l} n \bullet (r - r_0 ) = 0 \\ < n_1 ,n_2 ,n_3 > \bullet < x - x_0 ,y - y_0 ,z - z_0 >...
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    Engineering Working out freq for circuit to be in phase

    Homework Statement AC circuit Vs is 100V 50Hz and is used as reference. there are two impedences in parallel, made up of a 5ohm resistor and an inductor reactance = +j2 ohm that is parallel with 3 ohm resistor and a inductor reactance = -j3 ohm (though I though negative imaginary part was for...