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    Mass Defect

    Homework Statement Americium-244 is a rare isotope of Americium. What is the mass defect of Americium-244? Use the following values for atomic and neutron masses when calculating your answer: Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution This was what I did: Mass of protons = 95 x...
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    Energy efficiency, Transformer?

    Homework Statement A power plant produces energy at a voltage of Vi = 12693 V. Before being sent along long distance power lines this electricity is sent through a transformer with 166 turns in the primary coil and 6917 turns in the secondary coil. The voltage of the electricity sent through...
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    Permanent magnets vs Electromagnet

    I've been trying to figure this out for hours.. been studying for my final exam. Can somebody please help me? Are there any differences between the magnetic field around a permanent bar magnet and electromagnet? Any similarities?
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    Relationship between magnetic field strength and voltage

    So I'm really confused with the relationship between magnetic field strength and voltage. Say you have a battery (with a DC voltage) with 4 coils, when voltage increases, does magnetic field strength increase? Is there any law (i.e. Faraday's law) that supports this?
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    Measuring refractive index of water

    Does anyone know any good experimental techniques of measuring refractive index of water?
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    Friction and mass of object

    Hi guys. I was just wondering if someone could enlighten me on the relationship between friction and mass of object. For instance, if i have an object of mass 100g going down a slope… what happens if i increase the mass of object to 200g? will the angle of the slope increase or decrease for...
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    Need help for question on Friction!

    Homework Statement So that is the question. Homework Equations The relevant equations I've used are: Ff=μN Ff=μkmgcosθ The Attempt at a Solution I don't even know what Ff is? I believe this question involves using toa, cah, soh, but i really am confused about how...
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    Help with calculating Speed using distance and time

    Calculating speed of collision Here is the question So my question is, which formula do I use? Im just really confused. Do I use a kinetic energy one? or?