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    Prob/Stats Random Processes

    Hi, I need a textbook for a graduate electrical engineering course 'Random Processes'. Here is the course description "Elements of probability theory, random variables, and stochastic processes." The recommended textbook is Any...
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    Engineering Digital or Analog IC for a person with digital bias

    Hi PF, I can't decide which path I should go down in terms of my focus. I really love digital hardware from FPGAs to doing IC layouts, I also enjoy the trade-offs involved in making a computer architecture. I also like analog circuits with things like mosfets and opamps. I think it would be...
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    Schools Electrical engineering grad school

    Hi guys and gals, I'm an EE major working towards my bachelor's degree, I would like to apply to PhD programs when I'm close to being finished or finished with my bachelor's. I need advice for some schools to consider and if I'm on the right track to an alright school. Reader's digest at end...