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    Gaussian Integrals for Quantum States of well Defined Momentum

    Consider the Gaussian Integral (eqn 2.64).. is anyone able to explain how the constant of normalization is rationalised?
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    Commutator Relations; Conjugate Product of a Dimensionless Operator

    Consider the following commutator for the product of the creation/annihilation operators; [A*,A] = (2m(h/2∏)ω)^1 [mωx - ip, mωx + ip] = (2m(h/2∏)ω)^1 {m^2ω^2 [x,x] + imω ([x,p] - [p,x]) + [p,p]} Since we have the identity; [x,p] = -[p,x] can one assume that.. [x,p] - [p,x] =...
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    On the Expansion of Exponential Function by Integration

    I ask members here kindly for their assistance. I'm having some confusion over the process of integrating inequalities, in particular for obtaining the series expansion for the exponential function by integration. The text by Backhouse and Holdsworth (Pure Mathematics 2), shows the expansion of...
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    Having some trouble understanding a u-substitution

    i have reached a chapter in my pure mathematics text that introduces u-substitution as a method for solving integrals where in general if f(x) = dy/dx, an integral with respect to x may be transformed into an integral with respect to a related variable u such that: ∫ f(x) dx = ∫ [f(x) dx/du]du =...
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    Trouble with first-order exact equation

    Hi everyone, any help with this would be greatly appreciated.. I have been practicing simple differential equations for a couple months now and kinda just taking it easy and enjoying building my intuition. i have encountered a chapter in my text by Backhouse (pure mathematics 2) involving...